10 of The Easiest Vegetables You Can Grow in a Garden

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I love gardening! I also like making a good impression on my friends and neighbors. That means, having a garden that pays you back for all the time and effort that you put into it. If I were starting a garden today, I would make sure to start with the 10 easiest vegetables to grow. Not only will this increase your chances of success, but it will help make your garden more productive.

how to grow a vegetable gardenRadishes- The first garden I ever planted contained lots of radishes. Even though I think I was only 12, I was the first person in my family to ever plant a garden. I didn’t know anything about hoeing and tilling, but I still got a good crop of radishes. I think the total square footage of my garden was probably around 6 ft.². I grew radishes and corn. Obviously, I had better luck with the radishes. Even though I don’t really like radishes, they are extremely easy to grow. The fact that they grow so quickly, and reach maturity in about three weeks, makes it very easy to plant and harvest. Even if you don’t have a lot of patience or experience, you can get a good crop of radishes on your first attempt. They are very easy to start from seed. I think radishes are closely related to a dandelion because for some reason, I have a hard time killing them as well. Unless you like to bring on the heat, I recommend that you plant radishes when it is not extremely hot.

Peas- The second easiest garden crop to grow is peas. If you think you don’t like peas, you’re probably thinking about the kind that comes in a can, and are mushy and gross. If you’re thinking about those kind of peas, then I don’t blame you because I can’t stand those either. But I really enjoy fresh garden peas. I like to plant the kind of peas that contain an edible pod. This saves me time when I am snacking and working in my garden at the same time. The plus side of peas is that it doesn’t take you very long to get a good crop. They are also easy to plant and they grow very quickly. Even if you have never started a garden before, you will probably get good results with these. You do need to be a bit careful with birds. They like eating peas almost as much as I do.

Green and Yellow Squash- I love squash and although I haven’t quite figured out the difference between squash and zucchini yet, I continue to plant it in my garden every year. Squash is really easy for you to grow. When you plant squash, you want to make sure that you get plenty of water and plenty of sunlight. Here in Idaho, squash grows really well. Squash is an excellent side dish to spaghetti, and it can even be used in making zucchini bread. Last year I ended up having so much of it that we gave most of it to our turkeys. They love squash too. When you plant it, you want to plant it in mounds with four seeds in each mound. Two or three mounds will give you more than enough for the average family.

More Vegetables To Grow in Your Garden

Green Beans- Green beans take longer to grow than peas, but they can grow much higher and they can produce a lot more. Whether you’re growing peas or green beans, it is a good idea to have chicken wire to help support them as they grow. If you can get your green beans and peas growing upward, they take up less room in your garden, and they also produce more. Green beans that are homegrown, are very healthy, and delicious.

how to start a vegetable gardenTomatoes- you can start tomatoes from seed, but if you’re going to do that, you should probably start them in January or February indoors. Tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow, if you buy them already started. This way, they will start producing a lot earlier, and you will get more fruit from them. Today is 24 April, and I just bought some tomato starts from the store. They already have flowers on them. This makes it an instant garden. As soon as I plant them, I am going to get fruit. (I hope this is real gardening, because it works for me.) Another advantage of buying the starts is that you can get five different types of tomatoes for your garden. Having many different types of tomatoes is really fun. I like the sweet 100 (aka sweet and golden) variety the best. I know there are more than 100 different varieties of tomatoes, and someday, I have a goal to try them all! I never really cared for store-bought tomatoes, but when they come from the garden, they taste really good.

Cucumbers- cucumbers are also very easy to grow. Cucumbers need a lot of water and sunlight to do well. Cucumbers are vine-like and so they can grow real well on trellises. When I plant cucumbers, I try to plant the kinds that you can’t get in the store. This year, I would like to plant lots of small cucumbers so I can make pickles. Does anybody have any good suggestions on what type a cucumber to use? Please let me know.

best vegetables to growStrawberries- strawberries are probably one of the most delicious fruits and plants in a yard. Unfortunately for me, one of my daughters is obsessed with getting all strawberries. Fortunately, I still get my fair share, because I do all the watering, and at least half of the weeding. Strawberries are really fun because they grow back every year. Plus, you usually get a good crop of strawberries in spring, and in the fall. Some types of strawberries are ever bearing, which means that they will yield fruit all year-long.

Lettuce- lettuce is pretty easy to plant. When I plant lettuce, I use a mixed variety so that I can get a lot of different types of lettuce. Lettuce grows really well even if you find it close together. The nicest part about growing lettuce is that it can be ready to harvest within just a few weeks.

Bell Peppers- Bell peppers are really fun, and they grow really well if you take care of them. Like tomatoes, I recommend that you either start them early indoors, or else you buy two or three that have already started growing. You’ll probably get your money back, because you will start producing a lot faster than if you planted them from seed at the beginning of the spring.

Sunflowers- I love to grow sunflowers. I think it is one of the best plants for your kids to plant when they are young. You can even measure them, and your kids side-by-side. Sometimes it’s hard to see which one is growing faster. The nicest thing about sunflowers is that they attract a lot of bees. Even if you don’t like sunflower seeds, it might be a good idea to plant a few of them just so that you get better pollination, and you get more fruit out of your garden.

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