Do Ladybug Bites Hurt?

May 15, 2012 by

do ladybugs biteMost ladybugs bites don’t hurt. The North American ladybug found throughout Canada United States and Mexico does not bite humans. So if you have heard before that ladybugs don’t bite, that is probably the reason. However, in 1916 there was a variety of ladybugs introduced in California that do bite. The Asiatic lady beetles it may or may not hurt depending on where they bite you. There are some areas of the body where your skin is a bit thicker and it won’t hurt if you get bitten on your knees or on your elbows. However, there are other places where your skin is a lot thinner. If the bite is in a sensitive area, it will feel a lot like you are getting pricked with a pin or a needle. Although it is rare that a lady bug bite can penetrate through your skin and draw blood, in rare instances it can occur. Sometimes people can develop a rash from being bit by ladybug, this is also very rare. It is probably just an allergic reaction.

What Do Asian Lady Beetles Look Like?

They can actually vary in color. They can be pale yellow, orange, or even red. Red ones are very difficult to distinguish from an ordinary ladybug. Actually, they look almost exactly alike. Some people say that there is a marking on the head of an Asian ladybug and that is a shape like an M. Unfortunately, if you already got bit, then you have probably decided that it was an Asian ladybug.

ladybug bites

Ladybug Bites

Ladybug bites can leave a bit of a red mark on your skin. If you get a ladybug bite, you don’t have to go to the hospital. I’m pretty sure no one has ever died from a ladybug bite. I search for ladybug by pictures on Google and there are only two or three images that even showed up. This means that getting bit by a ladybug is extremely rare. Most people who get them don’t even realize it at the time.

Ladybugs are Still Good for Your Garden

Even if they do bite, the advantages of having ladybugs in your garden far outweigh the disadvantages. When they do bite, they don’t usually hurt. Also, they do swarm or purposefully attack humans. Ladybugs are the number one helpful predator to help you keep aphids, and bugs out of your garden. If you don’t want to use chemicals, but want to have a garden that is natural and pest free, the best way for you to do this is to buy ladybugs in bulk and allow them to patrol your garden for you.

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