Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees and How to Prune Them

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When Is the Best Time for Pruning Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees?

Late winter is the best time for pruning your dwarf cherry tree. The best month for doing it is in late January or early February. Ideally, you want to prune them before they start to bud. You can also prune them in the late fall if you want. Sometimes people cut them two or three times a year just to keep them looking neat and trim.

How to Prune A Weeping Cherry Tree

how to prune dwarf weeping cherry trees1. The first thing you need to do when you are pruning a cherry tree is you need to shape it. A dwarf cherry tree is an ornamental plant, so it doesn’t normally produce fruit. Mostly, you prune these trees for aesthetic purposes. You want to keep the weeping or umbrella shape of the tree as you prune. If there are branches that are growing straight out, or straight up, these will be the first ones that you cut.

2. The second thing that you need to do is you need to make sure that there are no crossed branches. If you are printing a crafted weeping cherry tree,you’re probably going to find that there are more intertwined branches. Try and separate these as much as possible when you are pruning. When branches become crossed, they become snarled and they are more likely to get diseased. They also don’t get a lot of sunlight. Also, make sure that you get rid of branches that are dead, diseased, or lacking in leaves. This will help you to have a much stronger tree.

3. The last thing that you want to do is to prune the tree from the bottom up. Make sure that none of the branches are on the ground. Make sure that you cut the cherry tree at an even height all the way around. A lot of times, you’ll want it to look like an umbrella when you are done pruning it.
dwarf weeping cherry tree

How to get your Dwarf Cherry Tree to Grow Well

If you want your dwarf weeping cherry tree to grow really well, you need to make sure that when you plant it, you have a lot of good soil around the base of the tree. My rule for planting is that the hole needs to be twice as deep and three times as wide as the root, based on the tree you are putting into the soil. After planting it, you want to make sure that you get a lot of water to your tree. Especially when trees are young, they need a lot of water because they don’t have roots that can pull water out from deep under the ground. Your cherry trees should be getting 1 to 2 inches of water per week. Also, make sure that you fertilize your tree in the spring, and in the fall.

Dwarf Cherry Tree Size

how to prune weeping cherry treeDwarf weeping cherry trees are smaller than ordinary weeping cherries. Most of the time they grow less than 8 feet tall. Occasionally, you run into two trees that are up to 10 feet tall, but this is an exception. The dwarf varieties look a lot like large umbrellas.

What Are Some Common Weeping Cherry Problems

The most common problems with cherry trees are pests. We had a cherry tree that we planted in our yard three years ago, and it has since died because it got borers into the base. When boring insects attacked our cherry tree, it wasn’t able to recover. Besides boring insects, you also have to worry about spider mites and aphids. If the tree is healthy and growing, there is a good chance that a lot of natural insect predators will live in the tree. However, if the tree isn’t very healthy, it is more likely to be damaged by insects.

Bacteria and fungus can also infect your trees. The most common sign that you have fungus problems is that your trees are going to have spots on their leaves. The best way to treat these is with a fungicide. Also, make sure that the tree is getting plenty of sunlight, because sunlight can prevent bacteria and fungus from developing.

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