Five Different Ideas to Help You Control Weeds in Your Lawn Organically

Jul 4, 2012 by

Having a healthy garden and lawn that is weed-free, isn’t always easy. A lot of people struggle with having a nice lawn. There are many ways that you can have a nice looking lawn without using chemicals and herbicides.

Mow Your Lawn Often

The best way to defend your lawn against weeds is to have a healthy and vibrant lawn. When you mow your lawn regularly, you encourage your grass to grow thicker and you are able to keep out the weeds. During the time of year when your grass is rapidly growing, you may want to mow your lawn every week. Try to not mow more than one-quarter of the blade of grass off at a time. If you can keep your lawn growing vigorously all spring, summer, and fall, you won’t get very many weeds. Mowing is one of the best ways for lawn weed control.

how to control garden weeds

Make Sure You Don’t Water Too Often or Too Little

Grass grows best when you water deeply two or three times per week. Usually grass has a fairly developed root system so grass doesn’t need watering every day. If you water your lawn every day, you can develop weeds easily because their seeds will have an easier time germinating. These weeds will grow right near the surface. In addition, if you water your lawn too often, you might put added stress on the roots. Even though grass doesn’t do well when it is soggy, there are a lot of weeds that can do very well in soggy soil.

If you don’t water your lawn enough, your grass can go dormant. Even though your grass will stop growing, there a lot of weeds that has very deep roots and can continue to grow very well even if you stop watering your lawn. Once the grass goes dormant, it does very little to help prevent these weeds from growing.

Pull Weeds As Soon As They Start Growing

lawn weed controlPulling weeds manually is a great way to get them without using chemicals. The great news is that if you get rid of weeds right away, then you can prevent weeds from getting bad. It is much easier to go and pull one weed while it is still small, than to wait until it has grown and you have to pull hundreds of weeds out of your lawn. Try to get the first generation of weeds that starts in March or April. If you can get rid of these, you will probably not have very many throughout the year.

Aerate And Fertilize Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn can help it to grow deeper roots. Once these roots get established, the grass will also grow thicker. A thicker turf will be more resistant to weeds. You also want to fertilize your lawn so that you can build a thicker turf. The fertilizer you use should be especially formulated for lawns. By aerating and fertilizing your lawn on a regular basis, you can have a beautiful lawn that has a lot less weeds in it.

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