Is Avocado a Fruit or Vegetable? Find Out Here!

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planting an avocadoAs you learn a lot more about avocados, the question “is avocado a fruit or vegetable?” becomes a lot easier to answer. Read both sides of the argument, and decide for yourself whether avocado is a fruit or a vegetable!

Here is the Argument that an Avocado is a Vegetable

First of all, it looks like a vegetable and you typically have it as a side dish for dinner. The most popular way to use an avocado in America is to make Guacamole Dip out of it. Second, when you buy an avocado from the store, you will generally put it in your fridge right away to keep it from going bad. Even though an avocado has seeds, so do cucumbers and tomatoes. These are definitely considered to be vegetables.

Lastly, most fruits are sweet, but an avocado is not very sweet at all. In fact some avocados are even better. Fruits can often be in for breakfast or dessert. Few people think of an avocado as something that people would want to have on their breakfast cereal. However, most of this is cultural related. In other countries like India, or the Middle East, people often use avocados as a dessert. You can add sugar or high fat milk to avocados and make it a rich and creamy dessert. An avocado is a valuable source of saturated fat for people who don’t have access to a lot of dairy.

Is Avocado a Fruit? Here’s the Argument in Support of it!

Avocados contain a seed or a pit, just like a peach or an apricot. Because it has a seed, avocado is a fruit! In addition, avocado is a fruit because it is grown on trees. People know that fruit grows on a tree, and that vegetables don’t. Avocados are actually a lot like bananas. They’re both climateric fruit. This means that they have to be picked when they will ripen off of the tree. According to a lot of people sources, an avocado is described as a berry that grows on a tree. So in reality, it must be a fruit! Lastly, when people are asked, “is avocado a fruit or vegetable?” more than three-quarters of the respondent will end up by saying that it is definitely a fruit.

How to Grow An Avocado Plant of Your Own

how to grow an avocado seed

If you want to learn how to grow an avocado seed, then here are some tips to help you out. Buying avocados from the store can be expensive. For being a small fruit, the state can sometimes cost as much as two or three dollars just for one. You can save some money if you grow your own avocado tree. You can grow an avocado tree indoors, as long as it gets plenty of sunlight. Keep in mind that growing a tree indoors may take several years for it to bear fruit. The first thing that you’re going to need to do is to not refrigerate your avocado. You want to keep it out of your refrigerator until it ripens. Then, enjoy eating the yummy avocado but don’t throw out the seed. Rather, put three toothpicks in it and put the flat side of the avocado seed into a glass of water. It should take about two or three weeks for your seed to start sprouting. Once the roots on the seed are about 5 to 6 inches long, take your avocado and plant it into a pot with a 12 inch diameter. Plant it so that the top of the seed is exposed, and the roots of the seed are underneath.

Your avocado plant needs to be well drained. Be careful not to over water it. If you over water, the tips of the leaves will start to turn yellow. Plants that are over watered will often develop diseases easier, and this can stress out the root system. Make sure to apply a bit of fertilizer to your plant at least once every two or three months. When your avocado plant gets to be about 12 inches high, prune it down a bit. This will help to strengthen the root system, and eventually it will be able to grow faster. Make sure that you put your plant in an area where it can get plenty of sunlight. If you are going to move it outside, make sure that you move it outside on a shady day so that it can start hardening and getting used to an outdoor environment. After you’ve had it outside for a few days, move it into an area that gets a bit more sunlight. Once nightly temperatures fall below 55°, bring the plant indoors for the winter. Keep your plant in an area of your home where it can get a lot of exposure to the sun. The more sun it gets, the faster it will grow.

Take a Tour of an Avocado Orchard!

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