Learn About Ferns and How to Plant Them

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What Type of  Soil Should You Use When You are Planting Ferns?

how to grow fernsIf you are going to learn how to plant ferns it is important that you should know  what type of soil you need to use. The most important thing is for you to have soil that feels light and porous. When ferns are growing in their natural habitat, they are usually growing through plants found naturally under large trees. Ferns are great to grow around your home because they don’t need a lot of sunlight to grow well. The most important thing for them to have is good, light-weight soil. You can fertilize them with super phosphate, charcoal, or rich compost. Usually the indoor light in your home is enough to have them grow really well. Only fertilize ferns during the part times of year that they are actively growing.

How Important is Watering When You Are Planting Ferns?

When learning how to grow ferns, keep in mind that drainage is very important for ferns. You want to make sure that if you are planting them indoors that you have  them in a very porous soil. Make sure to water them as needed, but do not water them too much. Ferns may need to be separated and replanted every 2 to 3 years. If you divide them, make sure that you also give them fresh soil so that their roots can grow back really quickly. If their leaves tend to turn brown  it is probably due to a lack of water. Make sure to keep the soil moist but not too wet.

How Much Sunlight Do Ferns Need?

how to plant ferns

Ferns like light, but they should never get too much direct sunlight. Usually summer sunshine is too strong for ferns, but they tend to do okay with the amount of sunlight they get in winter.  If you are planting them outdoors, where they will get morning or evening sun, usually they’ll do a lot better if they are not in full sunlight. If you are planting them indoors, make sure that you plant them near an open window.

What Type of Ferns Grow Best Indoors?

Some of the most hardy ferns that you can buy are Rabbits-foot, Holly, and Birds-nest. These types of ferns can do well indoors and they are also more resistant to damage. Ferns can be damaged easily from contact with people or other plant.

How should I prune my indoor ferns?

If you have indoor ferns, make sure to get rid of the dead fronds as they develop. Also, make sure to cut off the runners from your house plants. They will not develop into fronds and they will only sat up straight away from your plant.

How Often Can I Divide My Ferns?

It is possible to divide your ferns and plant them in a few different spots. However you don’t want to divide your ferns more than once a year because it puts a lot of stress on the roots every time you divide them.

Other Facts About Growing Ferns

how to grow fernsFerns reproduce themselves by creating little tiny black spots underneath their elites. These are basically spores, they help the current plant  to reproduce.

Ferns can often get attacked by scaly insects. If there are very many, you can get rid of them with a Q-tip. If there are a lot of insects, you may want to wash your fern with a soap, or else start over with a new plant.

One fern, known as Adders Tongue, has as many as 1200 chromosomes. This is more chromosomes than any other plant or animal known to exist.

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