Learning How to Grow Your Own Cucumbers Can Be Difficult

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how to grow cucumberThe first thing that you need to decide when you’re growing cucumbers is what type of cucumbers to grow. If you grow an heirloom variety, then you’re getting a cucumber that hasn’t been genetically modified. When I am starting cucumbers from seed, I like to use the heirloom varieties because they are a lot more natural. There are many varieties to choose from listed in this article. Make sure you pick the one that you like, or try out a few new varieties every year. Cucumbers can be between 4 inches and 75 inches long!

In most gardens, you’ll want to plant cucumbers 3 to 4 feet apart. However, if you’re using a raised garden bed, make sure you are using trellises to help your plants grow, and you can grow them 12 inches apart. Make sure that if you are trying to plant them closer together, that you have fine cucumbers and not bushy ones. The smaller cucumbers usually are for pickling, and there are larger cucumbers that you can slice. No matter which type you grow, they end up taking about 10 times better than they would if you bought them at the store. There is no substitute for growing your food organically.

Cucumbers prefer to grow in soil that is slightly acidic. Usually they like to have a pH of around six. You want to plant outside 1 to 2 weeks after the last frost. Cucumbers will usually work better when they are grown on trellises, or with supports. It will also make them more resistant to pests. When you’re planting cucumbers along a trellis, you can thin them to one plant for every 8 to 12 inches. Most of the time, you want to harvest your cucumbers before they get too big. That way you will get better flavor. Some cucumber varieties can be as long as 75 inches. Most cucumbers tend to grow pretty well as long as they get enough water and sunlight.

how to grow cucumbers

Popular Bushy (Pickle) Cucumbers

Lemon cucumber
Boston pickling
Bush pickle hybrid
Ms. Pickler hybrid

Popular Vine Growing or Slicing Cucumbers

Japanese climbing
Long green improved
LangeLang Giant
Salad Bush hybrid
Sweet slice burpless

Popular Potting Varieties

Baby Bush
Bush Champion

When you plant cucumbers, you want to make sure that you have good fertile soil. If you can add organic material to it, you will probably get better results. Also, you want to make sure that your soil is well drained, and that it has a pH that is fairly neutral, around 5.5 to 6.5. Most of the time, any soil will work as long as it is fertile and well drained. Another important factor to remember when planting cucumbers is they need plenty of water. They also need about 6 ½ to 8 hours of sunlight a day. When I planted my own cucumbers, I put them next to a sunflower patch. Even though they got plenty of water, they didn’t get as much sunlight as they needed. When you are planning your vegetable garden layout, make sure that your cucumbers are in a place where they will get plenty of water and sunlight. If your leaves start to turn yellow on the edges, it is a sign that you are probably not giving your cucumber plant as much water as it needs.

Make Sure That You Have A Lot of Sunlight

When learning how to grow cucumbers, always keep in mind that you really do need a lot of sunlight in order grow cucumbers. To get the best results, you want to have a least eight hours of sunlight a day. Cucumbers should also be planted in an area where they can drain very well.

When I started growing cucumbers in my garden, it was difficult. In order for cucumbers to grow well, they need to have full sunlight. My biggest growing cucumbersproblem was that I planted my cucumber plants very close to my sunflowers and they didn’t turn out that well. Now, I make sure my cucumbers get plenty of sunlight, and they do just fine.

How to Grow Cucumber Plants: Trellises versus Bushel Plants

Cucumber plants that grow on trellises are going to require less space on the ground, but more height as they grow. It is a good idea to use trellises with vine-like cucumbers so that they have a place to grow without taking over your whole garden. Every cucumber plant is different, but on average, you’ll need between 12 and 36 inches between each plant.

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