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blackberry nutrition factsThis morning, I had blackberries for breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed their full and robust flavor with a subtle hint of sweetness. Blackberries are one of my favorite types of fruit. Living in Oregon and Seattle for five years, we considered blackberries to be weeds. They were always trying to grow into our backyard. But at least in the summer, they were a delicious treat my kids and I enjoyed eating. We actually mapped out all the wild blackberry and Marionberry patches around our home, and we have a regular route when we went for our family walks that would take us to each of these patches. Not only are blackberries delicious, but they are also really good for you. This article will teach you about Blackberry nutrition.

Blackberry Nutrition Facts

Blackberries contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are great to have in your body because they help to get rid of the impurities and the unnatural balance that it creates by eating unhealthy foods. Since blackberries contain antioxidants, they help your body reestablish your body’s natural equilibrium.
Not only do blackberries contain antioxidants, but they also help out with memory retention.

Blackberries also contain polyphenols. Polyphenols are known for helping to prevent heart disease and a few different types of cancers. Blackberries are nutritious because they are also very high in vitamins. They not only contain vitamin C, like a lot of fruits, but they also contain vitamins E, K, and A.

Blackberries are an excellent source of fiber. Eating food with a lot of fiber, helps us to stay healthy, and can decrease the risk of colon cancer, intestinal disease, and the chances of developing diabetes.

Blackberries Nutritional Value

blackberry nutrition

These are some interesting facts about blackberries nutritional value. On a scale of 1 to 5, they are rated a 3.8 for being able to fill you up. They are also rated a 4.6 for nutrition. This is really awesome because it means blackberries will fill you up, and they are very nutritious. In fact, it is in the top ten for the most healthy foods that you can eat. Below are the blackberry nutrition facts:

In one cup of raw blackberries, there are about 60 calories. Only 10% of these calories come from fat. There are 15 g of carbohydrates which include 8 g of dietary fiber (mostly coming from the skin, and the seeds), and 7 g of natural sugars. In addition there are also 2 g of protein. If you have ever seen a strong and healthy bear in the wild, you can be rest assured that it has been feasting on blackberries. According to this nutritional information, blackberries are excellent to help you lose weight and maintain optimum health. Blackberries should not be taken for somebody who is trying to gain a lot of weight.

Some Fun Blackberry Nutritional Facts

Blackberries are very high in antioxidants, also known as antitoxins. Eating blackberries on a daily basis helps to detoxify your body from unnatural toxins.

A blackberry is a member of the rose family. This would explain why it has such long and prettily thorns. You have to be careful with you are picking wild blackberries from prickly bushes.

blackberries nutritionOne of Oregon’s most commonly exported fruits is the blackberry. I used to live in Portland, and we always thought blackberries and weeds were synonymous. If there is ever a vacant lot, or if you forget to weed your back lawn every year, you may end up developing a large blackberry patch. If you want to get the best yield out of your large blackberry patch, make sure to cut them back every year. This way they will be able to grow back and produce more fruit. As a landscaper I often had to go in and get rid of wild growing blackberry in Portland and in Seattle. It was a pain to do, because I had to be very thorough. If I didn’t dig up all the roots, they would grow back really quickly. Blackberries like to grow in climates that are not too cold or too hot. This makes them excellently suited for growing in Seattle and Portland.

My favorite type of blackberries is the Marionberry. Marionberries are actually from Marion County in the Williamette River Valley in Oregon.

When I used to live in Oregon, I mapped out all the locations around town where you could get pretty blackberries during the summer. There were even a few places that also grew wild Marionberries. It was such a treat, that I would take my children along, and we would try to fill up one or two buckets every time that we went. I’m sure that I would need more of blackberries then I would put it in my bucket. Blackberries make very delicious cobbler, and they also make good jam.

If you live in Oregon or Seattle, you don’t have to do very much to take care of your blackberries. Since it rains so much during the winter and the early spring, these plants tend to water themselves. All you need to do to take care of these plants, is prune them back every year, and then maybe water them once in the summer before they start fruit. It is really an amazing fruit!

Blackberries and raspberries are a very aggressive berry. If you have them in your garden, make sure to put them in their own box, or else surround them by underground metal plates to prevent the underground runners from spreading. Blackberries and raspberries have a shallow, though highly developed root system. The best time for picking blackberries is during the middle to the end of the summer. Blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries prefer soil that is slightly acidic.

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