Reasons Why I Love Gardening

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starting a gardenWhen I was younger, I used to ask myself why so many people love gardening. Everyone around me – my mom, my aunts, our neighbors – seemed to enjoy gardening and saw it as a fun-filled activity. I couldn’t understand their enthusiasm over something that required a lot of time and effort.

But now, in hindsight, I realize just how much I didn’t know about how to start a garden and the benefits that come with it. I didn’t know that gardening was more than just having your own plot of vegetables , or your own yard full of plants and flowers. Gardening is a lot more than that. Now that I’m older, with a family of my own, gardening has come to mean so much to me, and has made life beautiful in so many ways.

Reasons Why I Love Gardening So Much

1. Having a garden that yields a continuous supply of fresh fruits and vegetables is not only economical, but is also healthy for my family. I get to save a lot of money by growing my vegetable garden, than buying them from the store. But more importantly, I feel assured of the freshness and quality of the food that I grow in my backyard, than those that are store-bought. Besides, nothing beats the taste of food grown out of my own bare hands.

2. A well-tended garden adds beauty and coziness to my home. No amount of design or decoration can surpass the natural beauty and wonder that a garden constantly gives to a certain place. A garden turns a house into a home, and makes it closer to our hearts, no matter how grand or simple, no matter how huge or small.

how to start a flower garden

3. Having a garden promotes ecological harmony. It provides a natural habitat for bees and butterflies, and for little critters and creepy crawlies. A fish pond garden allows fish and aquatic life to propagate right in my home. There is harmony and balance among God’s creation, as plants and animals co-exist together within the little garden in my backyard.

4. Gardening brings my family together. Today, life is just so full of hustle and bustle, and every family member is in a constant flurry of activity. There’s work and a lot of bills to pay, there’s school, and projects and homework. There’s a lot going on every single day,  sometimes leaving us breathless and exhausted. There’s never enough time to get together as a family. Gardening has given me and my family the opportunity to set aside everything else, and just be together. I love watching my children learn the basics of gardening, and see their enthusiasm for gardening at such an early age. I love watching them pick fruits and harvest vegetables, and decide which flower should go here and which flower should go there.  Gardening with the family is fun, and when all the work is done, I feel great joy and fulfillment.

5. Whenever I feel stressed out or overwhelmed with problems, my garden is the one place that can calm my troubled mind. The silence, the solitude and the beauty, all help to soothe my feelings of anxiety and apprehension. Toiling and laboring in the garden also calms my nerves and provides stress relief. It takes my mind off all the  worries that constantly plague my thoughts. I have read that gardening even cures depression. Whenever I am feeling bereft, my garden is my best friend.

starting a garden6. Gardening makes me happy. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I may not be as smart as Einstein, or as beautiful as a movie star, or as easygoing and sophisticated as our next-door neighbor, but my garden gives me confidence and satisfaction at having accomplished a task that involves a lot of time, effort, and a lot of care and love. When people compliment me for having a beautiful garden, my heart swells with pride and happiness.

7. A garden is a place where dreams are born, and fairytale and magic are sown. It is where imagination grows, and creativity is explored.  A garden is a constant source of inspiration, and a place filled with hope, that somehow, despite life’s unpleasant realities, it is still worth living.

***Contributed by: Michelle G.

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