Tomato Plants Yellow Leaves and What to Do About it?

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Every year, I take the time to carefully plant 6 to 8 tomato plants. This gives me all the tomatoes that I can eat from about the middle of June until the middle of December. I think that tomato plants are amazing, but what you do if you have yellow leaves on your tomato plants?

What Causes Yellow Leaves on Tomato Plants?

tomato plant yellow leavesThere are four or five things that can cause your tomato plants to turn yellow. For most, this is due to lack of sunlight, or a lack of water. It is also very common that yellow leaves on tomato plants are caused by a lack of nitrogen in the soil. When this happens, your tomato plants will turn slightly yellow. Typically, the yellow leaves start at the bottom of your plant and then slowly work its way up. The easiest remedy for tomato plants with yellow leaves is to add extra nitrogen to the soil. You can do this by mowing your lawn and putting the grass clippings around the base of your tomato plant. You can also try adding compost to your soil or even use a commercial fertilizer like miracle grow. Each fertilizer that you can buy has a N-P-K value listed on the container. The first number on the back or container of fertilizer represents the amount of nitrogen that is in it.

Another thing that causes yellow leaves on tomato plants is not having enough sunlight. Just make sure before you plant your garden that it’s going to be getting at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day. 8 to 10 hours is even better. As to the plants mature, it is quite common for the lower stems or leaves to turn yellow simply because they are not getting enough sunlight. If this is the reason your tomato plant turns yellow color then you don’t really have anything to worry about.

Also, make sure your plants get enough water. The leaves can turn yellow if they don’t get enough water. Also, they will start to droop. You can find out whether your plants get enough water by checking the soil.

do ladybugs bite

Bacteria and viruses also cause yellow leaves on tomato plants. If you are planting a start from the store, make sure to look the plant over carefully to make sure it is healthy. Trying to transplant and unhealthy plant among other plants that are healthy, can make them all sick. Also make sure that your soil is well drain. Sometimes you can get fungus on your plants if they get watered too much. Try to avoid watering your tomato plants just before dark and having them stay wet all night. This can also cause fungus to develop.

The last reason why your plants is having yellow leaves would be due to insects. You can usually tell when you have a problem with insects. Some insects will actually chew up the plant, and other ones will suck out the plant juices. And usually when they suck out the juices, they will also interact a poison which will turn the plant yellow. Usually you can tell if the damages caused by insects because there’ll be yellow or black spots that are irregular and uneven on the leaves of your plant. You can treat these organically by getting ladybugs. Ladybugs are great at eating bugs that would otherwise destroy your garden.

Tomato Plants, Yellow Leaves, and Recovery

After you find and treat the problem, your plants should recover real well. If the damage is pretty bad, you may want to cut off the damaged leaves because this will help your plant to recover faster. Making sure to water and fertilize your plant regularly will also help the plant to recover. After your plant recovers, check it regularly for a yellow tomato leaves. When you catch the problem early, it is a lot easier to take care of.

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