Using a Raised Garden Bed Can Give You More for Your Time and Effort

May 8, 2012 by

raised garden bedUsing a raised garden bed can save you time, effort, and energy when you are planting. When you use a garden box or raised garden bed, it helps us  to warm up faster and to trim better. A lot of times, this spring is a difficult time to plant. If you live in an area that gets too much rain in the spring, you may find that the soil is too soggy to be able to plant and have your plants grow well. An effective answer is to install a raised garden bed. Most of the time raised garden beds should be less than 4 to 5 feet wide. You should have at least 6″ to 9′”inches of soil in them.

What Should You Make Your Garden Beds Out of?

Most of the time, people make their garden beds out of wood. This is the way I have done for the last four years. If you want something that a bit more permanent, you can try using brick, stone, or even metal to make raised garden beds. The advantage of wood is that, it is an organic material and it also is really good at draining your garden. The disadvantage of using wood is that within a few years, it can rot and will need to be replaced once it does.

Tips to Make Your Garden Beds Easier to Manage

One tip is to use a very good soil when you plant your first bed. Make sure it has a lot of composting it so that it will be fertile for years to come. Also make sure that you add extra organic fertilizer to your soil at least once during the late spring, and once during the fall.

raised garden bedsAnother good idea is to use landscaping fabric. This is especially important if you’re using shallow beds, or if you are just planting ornamentals. Using landscaping fabric underneath your beds can prevent grasses from growing through. Using them on top of your beds, can make it harder for weeds to take over.

The third tip to making your garden bed work for you is to make it higher, if you have a hard time bending over. Even if you are in a wheelchair, you can still do a lot of gardening, as long as you have a raised bed that is at least 2 feet high. Take some of these factors into consideration. Adding raised beds that are 2 feet high can also make your landscaping more interesting.

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