What is the History of Raised Garden Beds

May 8, 2012 by

raised garden bedRaised garden beds have been around throughout history. Raised garden beds make the ideal planting area for a kitchen garden, or for a herb garden or medicinal garden. They are generally smaller than a large garden, and are easier to maintain. You have better control over the soil, and you also have better drainage. Gardens planted in raised boxes typically warm up faster than traditional soil, and so when you have a raised bed you can start planning your flowers or vegetables a few weeks earlier.

Many people like raised garden beds because it takes less water and fertilizer to get them to grow properly. They are also easier to tend to, and they tend to grow fewer weeds. Raised garden beds aren’t just for old people who have trouble bending down, but they are for anyone who wants to save time and effort gardening. If you have a small garden, it is ideal to use raised beds when gardening because it can save you a lot of space.

A lot of people have used raised beds in their landscaping, to make the landscaping more interesting and beautiful. Raised beds are traditionally made of wood, but they can also be made of concrete, stone, or metal. The type of bed you are going to use depends on what resources you have available. Some people will actually spend a lot of money on their beds and they will make them a custom design. The beauty of their garden isn’t only in the plants and flowers that they grow there, but also in the layout and design of their garden beds.

You can have raised bed gardening of any height, anywhere from 4 inches to 3 feet. However, you should not have your beds be more than 4 feet wide, because it’s going to make it a lot harder for you to weed them if they are.

What Type of Soil Should You Use in the Garden Bed?

raised bed gardeningFor the most part, you want to use soil that caters to the needs of what you are planting. Make sure that it is compost rich and has a lot of organic materials in it. This will help your soil to last for several years. If you plan on replanting every year, make sure to add a new layer of compost to the soil   ( when you are constantly growing and harvesting, the layer of the soil will decline anyway, so it is fairly easy to add a half an inch or an inch of compost to it every year. Also, you should install something to help water your raised garden beds. You can water them with a soaker hose, a drip line, or with your sprinkler system.

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