Why Is Gardening a Perfect Family Activity?

May 1, 2012 by

It is already April, and to me that is the real beginning of spring. I can’t think of a better activity for you to spend time together with your family than gardening. A lot of people make the mistake of not starting to garden until after they retire. That is too long to wait! The best time to start your family garden is now, and these are five reasons why.

Gardening Teaches Children How to Work

how to start a garden150 years ago, when most people were farmers, you didn’t have as much of a problem teaching your children how to work. Children learned how to work at a young age. They learned from the example of their parents, who had to run their own farm to survive. Children got the opportunity at a young age to learn how to do hard work on a farm or a garden. Back then, these were basic survival skills. After all, if you’d didn’t farm, you wouldn’t eat. Today, we have lost some of those survival skills. A lot of children have a harder time knowing that work is important. By taking the time to start a family garden, your children will see a good example of how you work. Not only that, they will be able to work along with you, as you teach them everything you know about how to garden.

Teaching children to be self-sufficient will keep them from moving back home and live with you. If you take that into consideration while you are gardening, it really can save you a lot of money to own your own garden, even if it doesn’t come from the food that you grow.

You Can Spend Your Time Productively

how to grow a gardenWhen you’re gardening, you’re actually spending your time in a productive way. It’s true that you don’t earn $100 per hour when you garden, but you are able to give for some of your needs. This gives you the opportunity to be self-sufficient in a small way. As you spend your time productively in the garden, you will be able to relax from the stresses of life, and put your energy into creating something that is truly useful. In addition, things that you grow in your garden is more nutritious than what you would be able to buy in the store.

Keeping a garden is also a great way to help reduce stress and anxiety in your life. Too many people are way too worried about work, or about depression, or about themselves. Starting a garden is like a hobby that allows you to relax. You get to do something that you don’t normally do, and you also get to do something that you like.

Gardening Is an Opportunity for Learning and Being Creative

Most people like to express themselves in a creative way. When you garden, then you are being creative in a lot of different ways. First of all, you are deciding where and what to plant. With flower gardens, you can design beautiful gardens long before your seeds even sprout. You can also be creative by learning how to nurture and take care of your garden. Learning some good composting techniques, or a way to help make your soil more fertile, will give you a better yield from your garden.

Gardening Helps Your Children to Have More Respect for the Environment

starting a gardenI am not an environmentalist, but I do have respect for the environment. This comes from working outside, and being able to enjoying nature every day. I am a landscaper so I love to watch things grow and see how they develop. I am especially fond of grass. You can teach your children how to have respect for the environment by showing them how to properly care for a garden. Once people understand how much benefit they can get from a garden, they are going to work harder to grow and take care of it.

Set Goals and Have Faith

Growing a garden helps to teach your children that to accomplish anything great, they need to set goals, work hard and have faith. It takes faith to plant a seed and inspect them for any result. After all, all you did was take a small piece of organic material and put it in the ground. However, when you have the right soil conditions, and you water the seed, it will grow into a beautiful plant that will produce hundreds, if not thousands of seeds of its own.

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