Why is Mulch a Gardener’s Best Friend?

Apr 28, 2012 by

how to apply mulchMost vegetable and flower gardeners love mulch. Mulch has a lot of interesting properties to it. The first is that it helps to save time by preventing weeds from growing. Not only does it help save time but it also can help to hold moisture under the soil, and  can keep the surface of the soil warm. In the winter, mulch can be used to protect your plants from cold weather.

You shouldn’t put mulch down on your garden right away, instead you should wait until your vegetables grow for three or four weeks. During the first three or four weeks, you’re going to want to weed around your vegetables using a faux. After that, you can put down your mulch and this will help prevent weeds from growing. Organic mulch will break down and fertilize your soil adding more organic nutrients to it. An organic mulch such as landscaping tarp, and black plastic will help to conserve moisture if they are over the top of your soaker hose. In addition, they will help to keep the plants form. The best plants to keep warm are cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and squashes. Using black plastic mulch cover to help keep your vegetables warm will give you a lot more to harvest.

Whether you have a vegetable garden or a flower garden, you can improve it a lot by using organic mulch. Organic mulch will break down every year and add nutrients to your topsoil.

What is the Best Time of Year to Apply Mulch?

how to make mulchSpringtime - Springtime is probably the best time to apply mulch. You don’t want to apply it in the early spring because in the early spring your vegetables and flowers are just starting to grow. You really want to wait for them to become established. Usually able but spring mulch down three or four weeks after transplanting their vegetables, or once their vegetables get to be about 12 inches high.

Fall/winter - when people put down mulch in the fall or winter, they’re doing it for two reasons. First of all, it helps to protect some of their perennial flowers, herbs and vegetables. It is a great idea to put mulch around your strawberry plants to help protect their roots against frost. Also, a lot of people will put down mulch in the fall so that it can add nutrients to their soil. In the spring, they will probably till the mulch into their soil just before planting.

You can Make Your Own Mulch

 how to make muchIt is pretty easy to make your own mulch. Leaves, grass clipping, and organic food wastes can be turned into compost and then used as mulch. Keep every thing in a pile or in a container that breathes easily. Mix about once per week and add water to it. In about 3-4 months, you will have a great mulch that you can use for gardening.

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