Why Should You Start a Garden?

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how to start a gardenStarting a vegetable garden can be a delicious way to save money. There is nothing more rewarding than enjoying a sun warmed grape, or vine ripened tomato. You should start a garden today because you can have fun and really enjoy it. Before starting, find out what motivates you. Personally, starting a garden makes me happy, and I love gardening because. . .

Gardening is Amazing

I like to watch things grow. It is amazing how you can start out on the first of April (or January) with a little seed, and by the time October rolls around, you can have more than 100 tomatoes just from one seed. Not only that, but there is a learning curve to gardening. When you are not very good, you can still have fun. As you get better, you can have even more fun, and be more successful. When I started, gardening was a struggle, and I would have definitely given up if I didn’t enjoy it. I have gardened for 8 years now, and I have gotten a little better every year. Last year, I had sunflowers that grew over 10 ½ feet tall. This is taller than the roof on my house!

I am starting this blog on gardening so that I can improve even more. And as I improve, I want to share with you some of the things that I learned so that you can learn without having to go through the same learning curve that I did. Basically, I want to help you to be a superb gardener!

Gardening Helps You Be Creative

gardening benefitsStarting a garden helps you be creative. You get to decide what plants goes where. My wife and I enjoy planning our garden every year. We sit down and plan what we want to grow in our garden. When planting vegetables, we base our gardening choices on what we like to eat, and things that are worth growing. Since I live in Idaho, it really isn’t worthwhile to grow potatoes. It probably costs us more to water our potatoes than it costs to buy them at the store during harvest season. But we do really enjoy growing tomatoes, beans, cantaloupe, and squash. These things tend to grow pretty easily, and can save us a lot of money when it comes to buying groceries.

Starting a Garden Can Add Beauty to Your Home

Starting a flower garden can make your backyard beautiful. Planting flowers is a lot of fun. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go to a gardening center, and I see rows and rows of flowers and vegetable starts. I wonder which of these is going to look best with my landscaping, and which one will match the colors of my home. I can’t help it, I love flowers. It is weird that I’m a guy and I’m admitting it, but I think they do enhance the beauty that is all around us. Sometimes, it can take me 10 or 15 minutes to pick out three or four plants. I take my time, and I think it is a lot of fun to buy plants and seeds. We can literally turn our home into the Garden of Eden if we take the time to decorate it properly, and use the right color schemes when we are planting flowers around our home.

Having a Garden Is a Delicious Way to Eat

benefits of gardeningI’m going to level with you. Before I started growing my garden, I didn’t like tomatoes. Store bought tomatoes all taste the same, and there wasn’t really a lot of flavor to them. Growing my own tomatoes has taught me to love them. A tomato that is ripened on the vine in full sunlight, tastes really good. Not only that, you can grow 50 different varieties of tomatoes, and each tomato will have a unique flavor that you can enjoy. It is the same way with peppers and cucumbers. There are so many varieties you can grow in your garden and they add a lot of diversity to your diet and your palate.

Gardening Allows You to Provide for Your Needs

Starting a garden helps you to feel self-sufficient. When I have my own garden, I am providing for my needs by growing my own food. In my mind, being self-sufficient is a lot like being a pioneer. It is an opportunity to stand alone, and be able to provide for yourself. During harvest season, I find it rewarding that I can ‘live off the land’ and that I don’t have to go to the grocery store very often. Besides that, most of produce that you buy from the grocery store, has a bland taste to it anyway, and it uses pesticides, and not enough organic fertilizer. Even though vegetables produced from the grocery store can look beautiful, it can never taste as good as the stuff that you grow in your own garden. You can get much more robust and fuller flavor with your vegetables if you grow them in your home garden.

Gardening Helps to Bring My Family Together

benefits of gardeningI love gardening because it is a great family activity. I am teaching my kids how to garden partly because I need someone to pull weeds, and partly because I think it will help them to have a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature, and a greater love for gardening. It is a great way to spend time with them in a working and productive environment. We can do something together. A lot of families fight when they get together. In my opinion, “a family that slaves together, stays together” and hard work can really bring us together.

Being out in a Garden Helps Me to Relax

start a gardenI live near the city, and am not a farmer. If I had to do things over again, I probably would have chosen to be a farmer and live out in the country. However, being a home gardener is still a lot of fun. I don’t think you have to be retired to have the time to do it either. I work full-time, and still have time out of my busy day to have a garden. Being out in my garden helps me to enjoy nature and it helps me to relax. Even though my job can be stressful at times, having my own garden helps me to ease stress, and helps me to enjoy life a lot more. If you are struggling with depression, or you feel like your life is unproductive, start a garden and you’ll be surprised how quickly things start to turn around. The more you commit yourself to creating a beautiful garden, the more things in your life will start to feel brighter and more hopeful!

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