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4 Ft Artificial Plant

4 Ft Artificial Plant

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Introducing the 4 Ft Fiddle Leaf Fig Artificial Plant, crafted with meticulous attention to detail to bring the elegance of nature into your indoor spaces without the hassle of maintenance. Made from high-quality silk material, this lifelike tree adds a touch of greenery to any room, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.


  • Material: Silk
  • Origin: US
  • Plant Style: Tree
  • Height: 4 Ft
  • Leaves: 112


  1. Everywhere Perfect: Elevate your interior decor with our realistic Silk Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant, available in various sizes ranging from 21.7" for smaller spaces to our impressive 7ft floor plant. Whether adorning shelves, serving as dining table centerpieces, or gracing living room corners, this tall fake plant effortlessly enhances any environment.

  2. 4Ft. Faux Tree: Standing at 4ft tall, this artificial plant features three stems and comes nestled in a 6" wide, cement-filled pot, allowing for easy customization to suit your decor preferences. Simply place it inside your desired planter and cover with moss for a lifelike appearance akin to a real fiddle leaf tree.

  3. Use & Style with Ease: Enjoy the beauty of lush foliage without the need for watering or extensive maintenance. Our artificial tree remains full and vibrant every day, requiring only occasional cleaning with a soft dry cloth. For personalized styling, gently bend the branches and 'prune' the leaves to achieve your desired arrangement, ensuring not to exert excessive force to prevent breakage.

  4. Commercial Fitout: With a diverse selection of Fig Leaf artificial trees, we offer tailored greenery decor solutions for commercial settings such as offices, churches, shopping centers, and events. Simply measure your space and explore our range to find the perfect artificial trees that seamlessly integrate with your environment.

Enhance your space with the timeless beauty of the 4 Ft Fiddle Leaf Fig Artificial Plant, where nature meets convenience in exquisite harmony.

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