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Flower Planter Wall Hanging

Flower Planter Wall Hanging

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Introducing our exquisite Flower Planter Wall Hanging crafted with precision and care to enhance your indoor or outdoor space. Originating from Mainland China, this hanging basket combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design to bring nature's beauty right to your doorstep.

Material & Design: Made from high-quality plant fiber, specifically RATTAN, this Flower Planter Wall Hanging boasts durability and eco-friendliness. The wicker material is meticulously selected and handcrafted to ensure superior quality. Its natural finish adds a rustic charm to any environment, making it both beautiful and practical for your home or garden decor.


  • Handmade wicker construction for an authentic touch.
  • Carefully screened wicker for top-notch quality.
  • Versatile and suitable for various settings like patio, garden, balcony, living room, bedroom, or hallway.
  • Includes a layer of plastic film in the basket for breathable and efficient flower planting.


  • Model Number: wall planter T066
  • Type: Hanging Baskets
  • Set Type: Not included, available as a choice
  • Sizes available: 18x23cm, 20x25cm, 30x32cm
  • Color: As shown in pictures

Cleaning and Maintenance: This Flower Planter Wall Hanging is easy to clean. Simply wash it directly with water or wipe it with a damp cloth. For crevices, a brush can be used. Ensure timely airing to maintain its freshness and longevity.

Package Includes: 1 x Handmade Wicker Rattan Flower Planter Wall Hanging (Flowers not included)


  1. The actual color may vary slightly due to monitor differences.
  2. Please allow a slight deviation in measurements due to manual handling.

Enhance your space with the charm of nature using our Flower Planter Wall Hanging. Perfect for adding a touch of greenery and elegance to your surroundings.

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