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Self Watering Wick Cord

Self Watering Wick Cord

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Self Watering Wick Cord - Watering Kits


  • Type: Watering Kits
  • Material: Cotton
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Choice: Yes
  • Semi_Choice: Yes


Introducing the DIY Automatic Watering Vacation Irrigation System with our Self Watering Wick Cord. Crafted from high-quality cotton sourced from Mainland China, this innovative watering kit offers a convenient solution to keep your plants hydrated and healthy, even when you're away.

Efficient Watering System: Simply connect one end of the self-watering wick cord to a water source, and watch as it automatically absorbs water and drips it to the plants within 15 minutes. The practical dripping time may vary based on the length of the rope you cut. To ensure optimal performance, soak the cotton rope completely in water before use for instant dripping.

Economical and Effective: Say goodbye to fragile watering orbs, glass bulbs, or watering stakes. Our self-watering wick cord is a durable and efficient alternative, eliminating concerns about breakage, clogs from soil, or insufficient water capacity. It's an ideal choice for maintaining consistent moisture levels in your plants without constant supervision.

Easy to Fit and Control: The flexible nature of the wick cord allows you to use any water container of your choice. Whether it's a bottle or a customized container that complements your planters, finding a suitable fit is hassle-free. You have full control over the volume and timing of water dripping, ensuring your plants receive the right amount of hydration.

Reusable and Washable: Unlike traditional watering systems that may rot or become unusable over time, our self-watering wick cord is washable and designed for repeated use. This feature adds to its eco-friendliness and makes it a sustainable choice for long-term plant care.

Precise Watering for Hard-to-Reach Areas: The flexibility of the wick cord allows for precise watering, targeting the roots and soil without wasteful drips. It's perfect for reaching crowded plant areas or spots that are typically challenging to water. Keep your plants thriving even in the most inaccessible spots with ease.

Versatile Applications: This self-watering wick cord is perfect for DIY watering devices, indoor plant care systems, vacation watering solutions, and automatic watering setups. It's a versatile tool that simplifies plant maintenance, ensuring your plants receive consistent care even when you're not around.

Invest in the Self Watering Wick Cord - Watering Kits today and experience a hassle-free approach to plant care, making your gardening tasks more manageable and enjoyable.

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