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Silk Flower Cleaner

Silk Flower Cleaner

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Introducing the innovative Artificial Plant Cleaner, designed to elevate your plant care routine to new heights. Crafted with precision and originating from Mainland China, this product combines functionality with convenience to ensure your plants receive the care they deserve.


  • Sprayer Type: Trigger
  • Type: Sprayers
  • Versatile Use: Yes
  • Choice: Yes


  1. Versatile Application: This Artificial Plant Cleaner isn't just limited to plants; it's perfect for a variety of uses including hair styling, cleaning, misting, and skincare. Say goodbye to multiple sprayers cluttering your space.

  2. Ultra-fine Mist Spray: Experience the difference with our ultra-fine mist spray technology. It disperses a fine, even mist for optimal coverage, ensuring every leaf receives the attention it needs.

  3. Clear Bottle Design: The clear bottle design offers both functionality and aesthetics. Easily monitor the liquid level and quickly identify when a refill is needed, eliminating guesswork.

  4. Continuous Spray: Our Artificial Plant Cleaner features a continuous spray pattern, providing efficient coverage with every use. No more repetitive pumping or interrupted spraying sessions.

  5. Easy to Use: Say goodbye to complicated setups. Simply fill the bottle with your preferred liquid, whether it's water, plant cleaner, or any other solution, and press the trigger for a continuous mist. It's that simple.

Elevate your plant care routine with the Artificial Plant Cleaner. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just starting your green journey, this versatile tool is a must-have for every home. Experience the convenience and efficiency firsthand and enjoy healthier, happier plants with ease.

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